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Posted by Andrew Z at Friday, December 14, 2007 | Permalink

Hello, Thanks for checking out this site. I would like to share with you interesting news, features, and tips about from the intersection of technology and people. My history with the office suite began began around 2001 before version 1.0 came out, and I have been a user, advocate, implementor, supporter, and code contributor. I am a fan of but not a fanboy. I have a realistic view of's strengths and weaknesses in relation to people's needs. From 2000 to 2007, I worked at local non-profit with 50 computers. I was The I.T. Guy. When I left, they all primarily used, though a few still had Microsoft Office. Now, I just some I.T. Guy at a large international non-profit. They use every Microsoft product wherever possible, and I have not seen anywhere. It was an educational culture shock . I use both Office and regularly, so I see the strengths and weaknesses of both. To review in brief, it is a remarkably good application suitable for a wide variety of uses. Its main barriers to mainstream adoption are more network effect and momentum than technical barriers such as features or compatibility.