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Templates: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Posted by Andrew Z at Sunday, December 16, 2007 | Permalink

Red Circle OpenOffice.org Impress template by from OxygenOffice Professional

Download and install OpenOffice.org. Then, click File->New menu. The last option in this menu is Templates and Documents. How exciting! This option implies some great templates are actually there waiting for you.

Sorry, you will not find much there except four Impress presentation templates. They are not even my style. Don't worry! There are plenty of templates if you know where to look. A few even look good. :)

Keep in mind OpenOffice.org opens various formats including OpenDocument (ODF) and Microsoft Office format.

Built-in templates

There are a few built-in templates (and similar) if you know where to look. As stated, there are four Impress templates in File->New->Templates and Documents. Also try these menu options:

  • File->New->Labels
  • File->New->Business Cards
  • File->Wizards


These listings generally include all categories: Writer, Impress, Calc, and Draw.



Chih-Hao Tsai's Kaohsiung OpenOffice.org Impress template


Especially considering Microsoft Office templates, there are plenty more to be found online. Here are some searches to get you started. In some cases, you may still want to create your own.



OpenOffice.org does indeed have many excellent templates. You have more to choose from because of OpenOffice.org's support for multiple document formats. If you spot any more good looking templates, leave the URL in a comment.